Vulnerability Assessment

IPCC defined vulnerability as ‘the propensity or predisposition to be adversely affected’ and influenced by exposure, the susceptibility, and ability of systems to adjust or respond to climatic risks (IPCC 2014).It is a function of the character, magnitude, and rate of climate change and variation to which a system is exposed, its sensitivity, and its adaptive capacity.Vulnerability assessment is an established tool for ensuring policy responses to climate change impacts and helps in identifying vulnerable regions. It measures the threats from potential hazards to population, infrastructure, development goals etc., and supports adaptation planning, allocation of resources and raising awareness about climate change at different levels.

Tamil Nadu State Mission on Strategic Knowledge aims to build a greater understanding of the climate change processes, its implications on various sectors, and vulnerabilities associated with the same to enable sustainable adaptation to climate change and mitigation of drivers of climate change. Climate change impacts on agriculture, water, coastal, health, forestryand biodiversity and health are intended for the state Tamil Nadu. An integrated of approach vulnerability assessment is used to derivedistrict wise vulnerability to climate change in Tamil Nadu. The vulnerability assessment is carried out for all districts under present and future climate scenarios via base line (1951-2015), mid-century period (2041-2071)and end-century period 2071-2100. The composite indices derived are shown both in temporal figures and spatial maps

This helps users to

  • Visualize the temporaland spatial patterns of current vulnerability among districts and changes under future climate scenarios for different sector.
  • Understand current vulnerability.
  • Identify the factors that render some regions more vulnerable than others.
  • Identify the districts which are vulnerable to climate change and need special attention towards adaptation.
  • Derive suitable adaptation strategies and practices.
  • Assistin the decision-making process.